Growers Own Freshness

Our Products

Saving time and money on both sides:
From the fields into our packing stations to you…!

  • Our products will come directly from our fields.
  • Only one original invoicing to the customer at all time. It does not matter if it is stone fruit or citrus, because the fruit is coming from within the GoFruit-group.
  • Our growing fields are in different areas of production, this gives us the possibility to supply you from the beginning until the end of the season with the same good quality fruit. With large volumes of the finest fruit available.
  • All our growers are used to work on retail level all over Europe.

Our Quality Standards

  • Our local quality team in the different areas will follow the production process very precisely from the trees until it is loaded into the truck.
  • Our quality starts in the fields where the agronomical practices are defined based on the customers specifications we want to achieve at the end of the process.

Our Packaging Facilities

  • All retail packaging available: wood, carton, europool, chep, ifco, girsac, girplus, D-pack, net with label, punnets, etc.

Our Logistics

  • Large experience to provide efficient logistics solutions.